AG Lynk Hub

Start your AG Lynk Smart Kit with the essential hub unit. Each unit comes complete with a cellular 4G hotspot to build your smart local/commercial farm automation. Interested in AG Lynk's Wifi capabilities? Find the data subscription that fits your needs at Take AG Lynk on the go or keep it mounted in your barn or warehouse with 4G connectivity and WiFi hotspot capabilities. Make sure your farm equipment and barn is always free from unwanted guests, managed properly by the staff and in perfect condition every time you arrive with the AG Lynk Hub.

What is AG Lynk?

AG Lynk product line is a technological breakthrough in modern farming. Our products help you with everyday tasks that would normally take hours to perform before working, to now being completed at a tap on your smartphone. AG Lynk creates an entirely new way for your to interact, control and monitor your equipment even from home. Our exciting new technology is purposefully designed to work in all types of weather. So you can be assured it will always be ready when you need it most.

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IOS Compatible
Android Compatible
Powered by Amazon Servers
User Friendly Ecosystem

Why AG Lynk?

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Beautifully Simple
A simplistic setup allows for same-day activation and usage. Once AG Lynk products are set up, then pair your new device with your iPhone or Android. Once paired in the app you're good to go. Want notifications too? No problem.

Takes A Splash
Our devices are built to keep working in the toughest conditions mother nature can throw at them. Trust is what we have built into every device to ensure it stays connected.  

Privacy is Built in
Your data and history are never stored on the AG Lynk device itself. Even when you're connected to our AWS servers, data is encrypted every step of the way. We pride ourselves on giving you peace of mind.  

MarineLynk devices are designed to connect effortlessly with each other and all communicate within the app. Your central point of control for all products will be through the AG Lynk App. Even if you do not have wifi our systems can use Cellular Data to help connect you even in the most remote locations on Earth.  

Get more out of your Agricultural business

Create an effortless, connected and fun experience with AG Lynk technology for your business. Make the best out of your farming experience with AG Lynk.

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What do our clients say?

The BEST solution for an all-in-one system, I have been a long term fan of AG Lynk since I started using it.

Todd Hoffman

AG Lynk Customer
I have never seen anything on the market like it! It's the best product any boat owner should have.

Devon Lane

AG Lynk Customer
Easily to setup, Simple to use. This has got to be the best things I have ever gotten for fathers day, it just works!

Frank Gallaghers

AG Lynk Customer
I would never trade this for anything else. I believe we will be lifelong customers with how well these products perform.

Jennifer Perry

AG Lynk Customer

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Let's Ask Us Questions

Are all AG Lynk products Waterproof?

Yes! All AG Lynk products are Waterproof.

What all comes with my purchase?

This depends on per order, please make sure to read the product description before buying as all additional items included will be listed.

How will I know that my order was shipped?

You will get an email or a text update if signed up for text updates. Typically orders are shipped within 1-2 business days of a purchase.

How long does shipping take, and how much will it cost me?

The average shipping time is 3-4 Business days.

Where are AG Lynk products made?

All AG Lynk products are proudly designed in California and made in the United States of America.

Are these products easy to install?

AG Lynk makes it our mission to have installation of your new AG Lynks products as easy and seamless as possible. 

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