Technical & Business Team



Harjeevan Tanda

Mobile & Web Development

Harjeevan is a full-stack developer with over 5 years of experience in building web applications and designing systems architecture for several commercial and IoT projects. He has a solid understanding of database architecture in SQL, MongoDB, as well as knowledge of new front-end and back-end.

Travis Ekhaml

Hardware Engineering

Travis is an Engineering Technician with 8 years of experience in IT and Computer Manufacturing. He was part of a team which developed a dozen military server rack mounted computers and assisted with documentation of complex computer troubleshooting and imaging practices. Travis is experienced in web development, SQL database management, IT network management and through a few years of R&D experience gained knowledge of 3D Printing, CAD and CNC machining.  At Lynk Remote Technologies he brings expertise in computer production and hardware design to assist in the manufacturing methods of our products. Travis manages the order fulfilment team, and assists in all hardware development the company has focus on.

Brent Sammons


Brent brings a broad range of marketing experience from 15 years at Qualcomm, where he worked in product management, product marketing, and brand and advertising. He also brings a passion for communication and teamwork. Since joining the company at the end of 2020, Brent has refocused the brand, developed the company’s marketing strategies, contributed to current and future business strategy, and executed a number of successful marketing campaigns.

Raye Stephens

Project Coordinator

A former restaurateur, entrepreneur,  and health coach, Raye brings over 20 years of experience in planning, strategic development, and operational manag ement.  Raye holds dual a B.S. in Fitness & Human Performance, Pre-PT, and Nutrition, and is currently pursuing a MBA in Project Management and Sustainability.  


Firmware Development

Tunde Ogunsaju is a Senior Firmware Engineer for all Hangarbot Hardware products, and works to deliver a satisfying user experience.  With over 20 years industry experience, Tunde has developed Embedded Systems, led teams in bringing up complex smart platforms, such as Windows-on-Snapdragon and delivered core board support packages for wireless systems.  Tunde holds degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. In his spare time, Tunde teaches Electrical Engineering at The League of Amazing Programmers, where middle school children learn to develop technology."

Ryan Reschan

Hardware Engineering

Previously an engineer at Precision Measurement Engineering (PME), Ryan worked on environmental science sensing instruments for researchers. He also worked on R&D and IOT for PME's sister company Aquasend that focused on bringing PME's sensing technology to the aquaculture sector.  For Lynk Remote Technologies, he is focused on hardware engineering to improve current products, developing new products, and moving the technologies into new markets.

Brandon Lerma

Production, Inventory, & Order Fulfillment

Brandon’s primary focus is ensure a smooth experience for the both the customers and the production team. He assists in product manufacturing, order fulfillment, and manages our inventory system to keep the numbers accurate and accountable. When he’s not helping to develop new ideas in the lab, Brandon also works to repair and reconfigure damaged products.

Donnae West

Customer Success Specialist

Customer Success Specialist with 5 years experience in a variety of industries such as healthcare, shipping, rideshare and corporate team building; studying data science, cloud computing, and a resident of the east coast. Donnae’s primary role with LRT is to ensure customers have the best-possible experience with our company.  This includes being mindful of their issues and becoming their number one advocate for a speedy solution. Use my knowledge regarding customer experiences to help the team improve customer satisfaction and product quality along with helping to create and implement processes to make us more effective. I am excited to bring my previous knowledge and experience to an exciting new service and product!

Shane Gryness

Customer Success Specialist

With over 6 years of customer service and leadership experience, Shane fosters invaluable skills to communicate effectively, interact with customers with empathy, and resolve issues peacefully. His focus at Lynk Remote Technologies is providing an efficient and welcoming experience for customers with questions and issues about HangarBot products, and provide them with technical solutions.