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At Lynk Remote Technologies, we are disrupting multiple verticals, starting by bringing Internet of Things (IoT) to the aviation industry with our leading product, HangarBot. 

Lynk Remote Technologies, LLC. was founded in 2016 and is a privately held and funded United States based start-up company with teams located in North America in addition to Central and East Asia. Lynk Remote Technologies focuses on the creation of vertical segment IoT new product development solutions and technologies that may leverage existing technology such as iOS, Android, web service/cloud, micro controllers, cellular modems, connected hardware, sensors and more.

 Lynk Remote Technologies, LLC. is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

What We Do

 Our primary focuses are enhancing a person's experience by providing one-stop solutions to technical problems in three core industries: aviation, construction and seafaring. After identifying these issues, we've created peripherals to tackle specific problems, read more about these on the Our Product Line pages. 

Our Goals

LRT aims to create a product that enables users to connect with the assets and people that they love. LRT strives to be the industry leader in connecting people that would normally not have the ability to connect due to the market opportunity size for their remote connectivity location. We will deliver a high quality and low cost product to the market by leveraging our LRT connected platform and development process.

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