About LynkConstruction

After the success of LynkAviation, we sought out to revolutionize a new industry and created a secure management system for construction and other industrial sites.

Through customer and social media feedback, we concentrated on our strengths to provide a management system that focused on the security contractors need. Our solution is aptly called, LynkConstruction.

Our research taught us how important security was at construction sites, especially with gated access and tools. Contractors consistently have an issues with billing, stemming from being able to tell who and when people are on site, as well as tracking equipment between jobs, remote locking / unlocking gates and more.


As with LynkAviation, others have attempted to solve these problems in similar ways. However, the available solutions are stationary and limited with connectivity.

We've reviewed these setbacks and utilized them to separate ourselves from the competition. LynkConstruction is portable, handheld and expandable, allowing us to consistently improve on our device and adapt to the needs of its users.