Who We Are

Lynk Remote Technologies (LRT) is a privately held technology company focused on creating “smart environments” for a variety of industries with our core platform. Our mission is to usher any industry into a more modern, convenient and connected era by providing high tech autonomous solutions to the everyday world. Lynk Remote Technologies’ hardware and app, offer users remote accessibility, video surveillance, and various operations of their hangars, buildings, boats, industrial equipment, and more. Lynk Remote Technologies, LLC. is headquartered in Southern California.

What We Do

Our primary focuses are enhancing a person's experience by providing one-stop solutions to technical problems in three core industries: aviation, construction and seafaring. After identifying these issues, we've created peripherals to tackle specific problems.  Read more about these below:


We are revolutionizing the aviation industry and have become pioneers by creating the world's first smart hangar solution, LynkAviationOur original focus was solely on pre-heating the plane, saving hours of wait time for pilots.

After market research, we expanded our aviation product line, enabling customers to remotely lock and unlock doors, change temperature settings of the hangar and view/monitor their hangar 24/7, day or night, from their smart device.

Through the product's development, we created a solution that is easy to install but, most importantly, portable, allowing customers to take their smart system anywhere they need to be.


We are developing stand alone security systems to implement higher levels of safety and security on job sites. Expanding upon the security of covered areas, we challenged ourselves to create a new security solution to help those working or managing construction sites.

After searching for ways to expand upon the success of LynkAviation, we developed, LynkConstruction, to specifically increase the security at job sites. This is done through our experience in our remote viewing technology, utilization of motion alerts to notify potential theft / vandalism and more.


We're exploring the seafaring industry and creating LynkMarine. We spoke with some very passionate boat and marina owners to see what they needed most in order to provide the best marine solutions and devices.  At the top of the list were: 

  • Sensors that detect wind speed, temperature and humidity onboard their boat
  • A built in battery with multiple charging methods to free the user from shore power
  • Battery fuel level sensors and remote relays to charge / check the battery levels of their boat
  • Remote kill switch to secure the boat from theft

We're exploring how best to deliver these solutions using our core LRT platform and developing new devices.

Our Goals

  • We create products that connect users to the things they love.
  • We enter markets where there is no smart solution, yet.  
  • We deliver a high quality and low cost product to the market by leveraging our LRT connected platform and development process.