"We take it upon ourselves to lead the aviation industry into a more modern, convenient and connected era - and it starts one hangar at a time."


CEO & Founder

We pride ourselves on developing the most innovative technology for aircraft hangars through our smart hangar management platform.

As experienced aircraft owners, we understand the common problems that arise within the aviation industry. For this reason, we set out to make an impact on the lives of other owners and help them do what they love most - fly.

After identifying each of the major pitfalls, including hangar opening, maintaining temperature, etc, we sought out solutions, but couldn't find ones to match our needs.


While others had attempted to solve similar problems in the past, our focus was not to simply answer the problem, but to create an immersive experience for flyers that's both accessible and reliable. 

Through heavy amounts of research and development, we feel confident in our resolution for these core issues aircraft owners experience each and every time they fly. We call this resolution LynkAviation and have been improving on it each and every day.

While our LynkAviation base station includes 24/7 video monitoring and text alerts (one of our most requested features) out of the box, with additional attachments, users are able to experience a powerful foundation to grow from, just as we do.

To view our latest devices and their usage, please check our product line for more information.