About LynkMarine

We are expanding and updating our platform and devices for yet another industry.

After identifying our core demographic, we will be bringing our latest technology to the open seas. With LynkMarine, we'll be able to offer solutions to common problems within the aquatic industry.

We are raising the bar for what is possible, outclassing our competitors, by creating advanced technologies that focus on convenience and anti-theft.

Due to cellular limitations, utilizing mobile phones for internet connection can be impossible, leaving sailors unable to access the internet while at sea. Additionally, sailors are concerned with potential vandalism and theft of their boat.


We're exploring the latest in satellite communications, to offer customers  freedom in portability, allowing them to connect to the internet, even in the most remote of locations.

By solving the issue of connecting to the internet, we would be able to use our previous experience with security to solve the rest, enabling a secure solution that's effective anywhere in the world.

In addition to security, we will be developing new features to make MarineLynk the most advanced in our catalog. By providing GPS, we're able to track the boat's location, and, with satellite communications, we're able to alert sailors if their boat is on the move without them knowing.

We will also be introducing capabilities like Remote Relay, allowing owners to enable a kill switch to prevent people from using their boat or stealing it, Resource Generator to charge the device without the need for "plugging in" and more.